Underwater Welding Dangers

Who Else Wants To Know About Dangers of Underwater Welding?

Underwater welding is vital especially when you want to perform some repairs on marine objects such as ships and oil tankers. You can be able to perform dry welding or wet welding depending on the job that is to be done. In order to do this it is imperative to have the necessary skills both in diving and welding. Apart from that, you should be acquainted with your work environment. You should be conscious of the hazards you might be exposing yourself to when performing the repair work.

During underwater welding, one of the underground welding dangers one is exposed to is the risk of an electric shock. It is possible especially if you are performing the wet welding or manual arc welding. There is a possibility of electrocution if the welding equipment has not been well adapted for the marine environment. Before using the equipment underwater, it is good to ensure that it is well insulated and connected to a water proof electrode.

When performing dry underwater welding or hyperbaric welding, there are various risks one is exposed to. Since it is done under high pressure, during the welding there is a risk of an explosion. In the enclosed chamber under water, there is a possibility of a build up of hydrogen and oxygen which might lead to an explosion when ignited.
Apart from that, there might be a risk of decompression sickness due to a build up of nitrogen in the area under pressure where welding is being performed. The welder is at risk of inhaling large doses of nitrogen gas. This will lead to decompression sickness.

These underground water dangers may have long term effects on the body and mind of the welder. You should have a decompression chamber. It is vital in prevention of decompression sickness that arises due to saturation diving. Also ensure before and during the process of welding, you observe the necessary safety precautions. Always ensure there is an emergency rescue team with skilled divers on standby during the entire process of welding.