Underwater Welding Jobs

How to find underwater welding jobs.  It’s not as tough as you may think.

Welding underwater in a wetsuit may seem scary, and down right out of the question to some people, but there are others who believe it to be one of the most fascinating and exciting careers one could have.

It is not easy being an underwater welder.  Without commitment, and the ability to remain calm, it could become a frightening place under the water.

Due to the great interest over the years, the American Welding Society has promoted a listing of new job opportunities, and has established guidelines for those interested in becoming an underwater welder or a commercial diver.

Anyone interested in underwater welding jobs must have a commercial diving certification.  If you have welding experience above the surface, that is a great start, however, you must undergo a rigorous commercial diving course which offers a commercial diving certification upon completion of a physical and a written exam.

Although you may not want to go through all of this training if you are still in the “decision” stage, it will help you to determine if underwater welding is the right career path for you.

Upon completion of the course, and receipt of your certification, you can begin scheduling interviews for underwater welding jobs.  You may find yourself in an apprenticeship at first, where you will be subject to more training and qualification tests.

There are generally no age restrictions for underwater welding jobs, however, it is not for a young person who is not at least a little familiar with real life, and hard work.  The job is demanding, and requires an above average physical condition as well as great endurance.  The annual dive physical must be perfect.  There is a dive physical sponsored by The Association of Diving Contractors which is recognized in the diving industry as acceptable.

The salary an underwater welder will receive is dependant upon experience and skill.  To gain a great reputation in the underwater welding field requires the need for additional qualifications such as underwater cutting specialists, comprehension of inspection, the mastery of mechanical cutting equipment, and more.

When interviewing for underwater welding jobs, an employer may look for welders who are capable of planning projects using photographs and computers. Most of the welding companies out there employ welders with different specialties, so it is always best to have a diverse resume with different skill sets.

A new underwater welder just beginning may earn a modest salary of around $30,000 while a more experienced welder with a diverse skill set may earn $100,000 or more.  An underwater welder is normally paid per project.  The diving environment also plays a large part in the pay as the conditions where you will be diving influence your salary.

There is unlimited potential in underwater welding jobs, and a number of career opportunities for a skilled and experienced welder.  Do your homework, get your qualifications, and start your career in underwater welding.